Elevating Hospitality, Enriching Lifestyles

We craft unforgettable moments, immersing guests in authentic and exceptional experiences that stay with them long after they are gone. From award-winning hotels and resorts to iconic views, sophisticated leisure clubs and fine dining restaurants, every stay is designed to inspire.

Ownership Mindset

Sophisticated in our approach, we act like owners, and inspire creative thinking, helping us lead the market in hospitality offerings

Fast Paced

A flexible corporate structure and mindset allows us to focus on what matters and provide bespoke solutions in a fast and effective manner

Customer First

We are world-class in enriching lives and combining outstanding guest experiences with excellent commercial results

Winning Together

We are committed to creating unique, pioneering lifestyle concepts which set trends and drive achievement of collective stakeholder goals

One Emaar

With a culture of trust, we constantly strive to collaborate, empower for simplification and remain lean in administration and support functions

Provider of World-Class Experiences

Emaar Hospitality Group is an innovative, agile and influential leader in refined luxury and impeccable hospitality. With a passion for crafting extraordinary experiences, and a guest-centric focus, we seamlessly merge leisure, dining and hotels into embodiments of indulgence and enrichment. Our aim is to make our guests cherish each moment and create memories that last a lifetime.

Hotels & Resorts

Stays beyong exceptional, experience the pinnacle of luxury and contemporary comfort with our range of luxury and lifestyle hotels.

Emaar Leisure Group

Embark on extraordinary adventures with exquisite golf and yacht clubs, setting new standards for immersive experiences and a sophisticated way of life.


Savour delightful dishes and artistic gastronomy by our star chefs, paving the way for unforgettable dining moments.