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For us, sustainability is much more than using locally grown, organic, biodynamic or foraged ingredients. It is also more than just separating and recycling your waste. it is a lifestyle. It is a way of living to ensure that our children, grandchildren and their grandchildren have a world to live in – and thrive – in. A world full of flowers and forests, wild rivers and clean lakes, with bees buzzing and birds chirping.

Terra was built around the ideas of sustainability. From starting your dinner sipping a cold press juice to savouring your last bite of dessert served on plates made by our very Emirati company, every choice we make is shaped by sustainability principles.

Minimising waste is not always easy, especially in a busy restaurant. But it is possible! We have taken steps to reduce our water usage, food waste and to conserve energy. We minimise our ecological footprint by using local organic products (as far as possible), sourcing from green-minded hydroponics partners and recycling everything it is materially possible to recycle!

What follows here is a menu and a dining experience curated around a deep and honest effort to minimize the impact our café has on the natural world.


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